My commitment is to foster an open curiosity as a life changing instrument of healing and meaning.

What do I mean by an open curiosity?  I mean an interest and willingness to step into my patients’ emotional world and learn as much as I can about their feelings: sadness, anxiety, anger, excitement, or depression. Feelings are key signals from our minds and bodies that propel us to get our needs met as we navigate our complex and evolving world.  There are always very good reasons why a particular emotion is felt, and through open and reflective curiosity we can learn more about their meaning and make sense of our struggles and life journey, creating more space for change.


- Emory University - Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology (Suma Cum Laude)

- Harvard Medical School - Doctor of Medicine

- NYU School of Medicine - Adult Psychiatry Residency

- NYU School of Medicine - Public Psychiatry Fellowship


- Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry

- Board Certified in Addiction Medicine


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